Let Emile & Solange help you to create the perfect grazing table for your next event. We will work with you to customize your cheese and fine food selection for your guests and budget.


At Emile & Solange, we love arranging our cheeses so your grazing table experience is as satisfying as possible. We spend a lot of time arranging our products so the cheeses are paired and placed close to an accompaniment that works in perfect harmony. There is nothing like the sharp crumbly sensation of a good blue subdued with a sweet home-made preserve. 

The way your table is presented is also held in very high regard - your guests mouths will be watering from the minute they glance down to what's on offer. 

We offer a very high quality artisanal product, that is delivered and presented in your home with the justice it deserves. 


The minimum order is $300 which must be paid in advance.

All grazing tables include serving equipment.

A $50 deposit is charged in advance for use of every board, knifes and ramekins. 

Buffet must be ordered at least 3 days in advance.

No refunds will be given for orders cancelled within 24 hours of an event.