Best Cheese Shops Brisbane

A charming little fromagerie found tucked away in a vintage warehouse it shares with a café and specialising in artisan French and Oz cheeses as well as gourmet accompaniments and saucissons.


Hot Plates: Emile & Solange, Albion

"In Normandy, it's all about the cheese, and the butter and the milk - so you learn about it even if you don't want to. It's part of the culture," Thuillet says. "I grew up around cheese - we didn't ever have a lunch or a dinner without it."


Emile & Solange - Albion

Emile & Solange is a charming little French-style fromagerie tucked away inside a gorgeous vintage Albion warehouse it shares with Vieille Branche.




Say Brie Mine to Emile & Solange

“Imagine you’re wandering through an alleyway in Paris, and you come across a small but homely cheese store. Inside, you’re greeted by the charming owner with her thick French accent, as you marvel at the selection of cured meats and the cabinet of cheese that takes up most of the store, then taste everything you possibly can before leaving with a large paper bag filled with fromage and quince paste.”


Sweet dreams are made of cheese at Albion’s Emile & Solange

"Emile & Solange stocks the likes of Gres des Vosges from Alsace, Alpine cheeses such as Beaufort D’Alpage and Abondance, Raclette Livradoux (with raclette grills available to purchase or rent), Petit Berthaut from Époisses and goat’s cheese from Cabecou du Perigord in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France. This is only small selection of the 55-plus varieties on offer, with a large contingent of Australian cheeses hand-selected by Sarah herself ."


Cheese s'il vous plaît!

“We will have around 50 cheeses to start and these will be 70-80per cent French" says Thuillet, who will also do things the french way - cutting cheeses to order to ensure freshness, wrapping them in cheese paper and encouraging customer to try before they buy."